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Bad Bugs

The oddly named creature called the stink bug can help with other garden pests. Stink bugs are so called because they emanate some rather smelly fluid from the sides of their bodies. Primarily, this is used to attract a mate, but unfortunately for us, it may also attract other pests which like to feed on them.

This is a bit difficult for our lovely garden since these creatures can do some good. They eat other pests and this is a great natural way to keep pests away from out prized plants. However, the ones which are attracted by their smell may just like to eat the plants themselves and this is now where an infestation can lay waste to our hard-earned beautiful garden and the glory of the lovely plants residing there.

These creatures also like to come into the home at times and if anyone has an area, like the garage, which is not used for long periods, these creatures can come in and take over. The house itself is usually hard to get into, with all its walls, doors and windows. However, vigilance is the key if an infestation where we live is to be avoided. Any cracks around doors and windows should be filled in immediately, and an occasional spray in under used outer buildings should take care of unwanted invasion.

In the garden, there are some clever ways of eradicating these creatures without doing them much harm. The chemical that attracts other similar creatures can actually be used to attract the whole population somewhere else. This not only makes sure that they go where they will do no harm to the planting going on, it also means that this is a very ‘green’ way of keeping them at bay.

There are some plants and other pests which actually prevent the creature from taking hold in the garden. By using this method, the creature can be persuaded to go elsewhere too and this saves spraying chemicals all over the place. Alternatively, these creatures love some plants so it may be a good idea to take preventative action, with sprays etc, before putting the plant in situ.

Of course, finding the natural balance between having a few of these creatures around to ward off other pests, or having too many which will attract destructive pests into the garden, will always be a dilemma. Once found, and this is really a little hit and miss, then the garden should flourish with all the creatures who are part of nature becoming at one with what is growing there.

So whether the gardener decides to use chemicals to send these creatures off to another place in the garden where they can do little harm, or use them to keep other pests under control, it is clear that some strategies have to be worked out. Some people just drench the garden with all kinds of chemicals to get rid of all pests, good and bad, but this is really not what nature intended. The natural balance should be the goal for every conscientious gardener for sure.Image Source: http://images.google.com Continue reading

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